Property  to rent in Chandigarh

Renting a house in Chandigarh

In these localities of Chandigarh you can find a House in the range of within ₹ 15,000:

Some of the best places to search for a house or apartment are,
Sector 15, Sector 37, Sector 38, Sector 34 and Sector 21 are some of the best places to find a rental house in Chandigarh. You’ll get both furnished and semi- furnished flats in these areas.
In Malharpur you get places for rent even below INR 6000 and you can even look for a place where you can share accommodation, like PG type.

Chandigarh is known for its upcoming IT hub and business activities. The flow of people in this city is always high and demand for renting a property is demanding, too. You’ll always have to run after different agents to find aright place to stay in and fixing the rent is also a bit hectic.

We in Rent Ezy Now are trying to provide an unique way where both landlords and tenants can find each other easily and continue the rental procedure with few clicks from their mobile or computer. A caretaker will be there to provide full support even during odd hours of any given day. It all starts for free. Landlords can upload a single property for free and tenants can always register for free. Caretakers can also apply for free.