Property to rent in Bangalore

Renting a house in Bangalore

If you are looking for a house to rent in Bangalore without brokerage, then you won’t be disappointed as
there are thousands of such options available in Bangalore. These are perfect for those who are looking for everything modern and luxurious. Great locality and close proximity to nearby hotspots are an added benefit.

If you are searching for popular localities to rent a House in Bangalore then check out the list of areas following below:
*Electronic City
*Hebbal and Rajajinagar is also a good place to stay with family.

Among Cheapest Areas In Bangalore For Rent are as follows:

*Electronic City, *Kanakapura Road, *Hoskote, *BTM Layout *Hebbal.
Renting a house or apartment in Bangalore is bit expensive as the price increase has been triggered by the high demand for apartments in gated residential societies.
Traditionally, rents increase by 7-8% in a year. But this year they have increased from anywhere
between 15% and 40%. Home rents in gated communities across Bengaluru are on the rise, increasing by up to 40%, recently released as a survey in local news papers. But a it is the IT hub in India for that reason the flow of people is high over here and these people somehow afford the rise in rent. It is also seen that big companies have taken lease of many apartments and houses to accommodate their staff on yearly basis and they can pay good amount of money as rent for their employees.

Rent Ezy Now is inviting landlords who want easy contacts with tenants and settle deals on one on one basis avoiding all sorts of agents and touts. We would like to set an example of how landlords and tenants can easily maintain terms with this single platform with help of a caretaker who also gets a job opportunity in the whole context.


Very happy to upload our bungalow. Free and easy.

- Imran Hossain

Never thought that it will be so easy. Thanks to Rent Ezy Now.

- Ratna Guha

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About property Renting

Renting issue..
Kolkata's rental stresses have continued to worsen, with new data suggesting rental prices are surging – leaving would-be tenants unable to move into the market.

The September Prop Track Market Insights report found that the share of properties listed for rent on real-estate websites for less than INR 6000 per week had fallen to a record low of 11.6 per cent last month.

This figure has plummeted by almost 50 per cent, down from 20.1 per cent recorded at the start of the pandemic. Homes were even more difficult to rent, with only 5.9 per cent of houses listed for rent under INR 6000 per week – down from 10.9 per cent in October last year and 17.3 per cent at the start of 2020, a drop of around two-thirds.

Property trackers of economic research said that as the supply of rental properties continued to tighten, the number of listings under INR 2000 per week would reduce even further into 2023.

Much of these rental stresses are a by-product of rental supply remaining the same as well as rapidly rising interest rates, in current times.


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About Indian Tenants..

A tenant is someone who pays rent for the place they live in, or for land or buildings that they use. Regulations placed clear obligations on the landlord for the benefit of the tenant. Landowners frequently left the management of their estates to tenant farmers. The first is a fixed- term agreement and second, a periodic tenancy agreement. A fixed-term tenancy has a definite commencement date and expiry date. A periodic agreement has a commencement date with no expiry date. There are three types of Tenancy Agreements in India, namely, rent agreement, lease agreement, and leave and license agreement.

Both tenants and landlords are unhappy whatever be the cause but in every city of India there are lot of tenants waiting to get a good deal, any given day.


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About Indian Landlords

Problems of Indian Landlords..

One of the worst problems landlords face is to vacate a property. The most successful
landlords or property management firms have low vacancy rates. Not only does a vacancy mean
no rental income is coming in, but it is also actually costing money to advertise and prepare
for occupancy.
What are the ethical issues facing the landlord?
Unethical practices of landlords
Abuse of tenants. Unfair rents. …
Incidence: …
Irresponsible social designers.
Forced evictions. …
Unethical real estate practice. …
Inadequate housing. …
Financing rental housing. …
Amenities Housing, tenants.