To rent a property in any of the states in India, you need to have certain things mentioned below:

1.Your identification, including photo identification like a driver’s licence or passport, Medicare card, health care card or birth certificate.
3.Your rental history.

2.Names and contact details of people who will give you rental or personal references.

4.Rent payment receipts or statements.

It is more easy to rent a property with Rent Ezy Now.
A tenant can send request with a brief history and relevant IDs through an enquiry box attached with the property displayed in the website. If the landlord feels to attend him then he replies by email and would ask the tenant to register for free. The tenant just need to register with all his details, he then gets an email with the profile user ID and password, once he logs in into his account he then answers a set of questions to qualify. If he fails then after 2 hours he can again try and confirm his account. He then sends an email mentioning his user ID to the landlord. The landlord then includes him into his profile as a tenant by clicking on to the assign button from his profile and they can start using the message box which is an unique way of being in touch 24/7.